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1. Hostage(2022)

The film depicts the unparalleled abduction of a famous actor who was in central Korea. Hwang Jung Min, who allows the boundary between story and reality, plays the abducted actor Hwang Jung Min. In an interesting reality, he is abducted early in the morning without any evidence. “I hope this movie will be astonishingly fun and interesting as an aerial train. It will be a fun time for the audience to sympathize with and watch over the main character,” said the director. Especially in situations where the distinction between fiction and non-fiction is not clear. .

2. Special Delivery

A crime action film that takes place when Eun Ha is caught in an unexpected incident. The character is a pilot who quickly delivers anything with a 100% success rate. Park So Dam will feature action sequences starring as a driver with excellent driving skills. “You’ll be able to see how impressive Park So Dam’s stunts are,” says director Park De Min, “wait for the action sequences and the close bond between the characters as they race toward a goal.”

3-Not the Lips (literal title)


This film shows the story of people whose lives and work are complicate because they get involved in strange novels. This is the first feature film directed by Joe Eun Ji. He previously received a Special Jury Award from the Mezzanine Short Film Festival 2017 for his short film 2 Nights and Days. Director Jo Eun Ji explains: “This is a comedy that describes the process of different characters growing up from different relationships. I hope the interplay between characters full of characters will make them laugh.” In this comedy, Rio Sung Ryung, Oh Na Ra, Kim He Woon, Lee Yoo Yang, Sung Yu Bin, Mu Jin Sung, etc. they play roles.

4. Hello, My Soulmate 2022

There was once a soulmate who shared our friendship, breakup, and love, with whom we shared our friendship, breakup, and love. Kim Da Mi, Jeon So Nee, and Byeon Woo Seok become the radiant youths in the film as they capture Jeju Island’s beautiful scenery and their sincerity that overcomes generations. “It’s about finally realizing who they are through each other, after going in circles for a long time. Please look forward to the special friendship between the women who are subtle yet strong,” director Min Yong Geun urged.

5-Handsome Guys

Hand some Guys Doramascool

Lee Seong-min and Lee Hee-jun appear as the protagonists of this delightful and scary comedy. The story unfolds as the two men move to a mountain hut and the legend of the village and the hut comes to life. For their memorable first appearance, they called themselves ‘handsome men’. Director Nam Dong-hyeop said, “It’s shamelessly funny, but the serious side of the two is reveal . The message that emphasizes prejudice and misunderstanding about appearance will give you a different kind of fun.”

6-The Witch: Part 2

The Witch: Part 2 Doramascool

It follows on from The Witch: Part 1, The Subversion. The film is about a girl who wakes up from the huge secret laboratory and those who are chasing her. The film’s main character will play Shin Si Ah, an award-winning newcomer actress. Along with existing cast members Jo Min Su and Kim Da Mi, expectations are rising with the addition of Lee Jong Suk, Park Eun Bin, Seo Eun Joo, Jin Goo and Sung Yoo Bin. Director Park Hoon Jung said, “This is a work that allows people to connect with human nature through a transcendent being. For fans who have been waiting for the sequel, I hope this will be a pleasant gift for you, as you can step into space. ,

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